brings you insight into the world of HR benefits outsourcing, the e-hr revolution and other current HR subjects.

HR is changing at the speed of sound and we all need to understand its impact.

This site is not designed as a sell site for HR services, but rather a place HR people can visit to get opinions and leave their own thoughts.  Our goal is not to overwhelm you with information.

Thoughtful information and a few selected links that will help you find HR information.

Please note:  All links on are the responsibility of the linked website.  Any liability or issues should be addressed to such websites if there are issues. does not promote or recommend any products or services.  
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Offshoring US and European job.  Good or Bad?  What do you think? Let's look at in-depth.  The advantages, the disadvantages and the facts.
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In a world of too much information, here's a short to read site dedicated to HR people that gives you insight to outsourcing, e-hr,
offshoring and other current topic HR information.

      Highlights of

Will offshoring affect my job?

What are some things I should say to
look HR smart?

I am worrried about my transactional HR Job.

Should we outsource?  What are some ideas and things we should consider to be successful.

Is our outsource vendor simply a vendor or a
partner, at least the relationship concept?

HR Transformation:  Talk about change!