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I am providing some links to other Human Resources sites to give you a look at how HR is changing.  One link area will be to companies that are really using e-hr to make a difference in benefits outsourcing.  Other areas as defined. does not recommend any of the company's linked nor is responsible for their performance in the event you decide to use them.  Again, this is not a promotion of the sites, but rather a way to let you see what's going on.  Hopefully, it's an awakening if you didn't realize what's going on in Human Resources.
Using e-hr to make a difference in HR type sites and HR services

Employee Based Systems

Good HR Information Links
Go 2

These two links are packed full of HR information. Go 2 links more HR sites than I thought ever existed.
It wasn't complicated until I thought about it.  Know the why's and why not's for things considered and considered not  (quote from an HR Friend)
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