Is offshoring US and European jobs to other countries good or bad?  Who knows?
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Talk about a hot topic.   The move of US jobs and European jobs to developing nations where labor is cheaper and possibly plentiful will be the main topic for many years to come as the reality of the situation really hits home.  But what does it really mean?  Will it mean that jobs in the developed nations will all become low paid jobs at fast food restaurants and discount supercenters?  Or what?  I certainly don't know but thought we could lay this one out.  I just heard a news program on the subject and there are definitely two sides to every story. So, let's take some time and really look at this in-depth and try our best to understand it's impact.  Also, what does it mean for HR?
We know that anything we decide in life has unintended consequences, which we will call the PUC factor.  Principle of Unintended Consequences.  No matter what you do.. it causes something unexpected to happen.  So, hopefully, you will take a few minutes and leave your thoughts on this hot issue that will impact all of us in someway in the years to come.  Try to be open minded as we pursue this subject.  We will...
We will develop this site based on input we receive.  So, please leave your thoughts on the guest book.  We'll develop linked pages as the information grows.  Thanks.
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