e-hrbusiness revolution is underway
The world of HR as we know it is changing so fast we can hardly keep pace. Everyday something new is on the horizon, from outsourcing of benefits to 360 degrees feedback of performance.  How does the average HR person keep up with all this change.  Management is expecting its HR group to be part of the business and dynamic.  Yet, reality is that while HR business is moving into a new era, we are still left with the legacy administration of the past.  The legacy HR person knew the details and kept things running.  Today, it's expected that some outsourcing vendor will do all this detail work.  Yet in reality, doesn't always seem to happen that way.
Unless a company recognizes the totality of the work, problems are ahead.
The purpose of this e-hrbusiness site is to begin exploring ideas, challenge the wisdom and help the HR person better understand what's ahead.  Let's get off the sales kicks and on to reality.  We face significant challenges in our field, yet it's an exciting time and those with the vision to make it happen will be the survivors.

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Everyday something new is on the horizon, from outsourcing benefits to 360 degree feedback of performance...
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