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HR Transformation -  From Traditional to Evolutionary
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Remember the old HR?  We hired, fired, promoted, staffed, severed, disciplined, onboarded, offboarded, trained,  organizational effectiveness and on and on.  HR or the Personnel Department or the Employee Relations Department was the HR transactional center of the company.  We thought it would never change.  Was that way for many years. Then one day we woke up and the HR we knew looked and started feeling differently.  Something was happening.  Some call this HR transformation.  It's being caused by cost reduction, maybe a move to strategic HR or other factors.  Or maybe line management just didn't care too much for HR or as some called it the Police Department watching over company policies.  What can we do to understand all that is going on and how we as HR folks can transform ourselves and not be transformed to unemployment.?

To get started and to let me know if you find this of interest start leaving comments on the Guest Book. How do you see this change?  Also, take the simple poll below.

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