Several years ago I took on e-hr where I work.  To really become knowledgable about the subject I felt I needed more than to attend a few conferences and read a few books.  I decided during a holiday to learn as much as I could about the internet, how to build a website, buy domain names, etc. etc.  So during that holiday I created  Since I am employed I have no intention of promoting myself or conflict with my employer because of this website.  I did want a chance to really see how it worked and get comments from hopefully other HR folks.  This could be a sharing experience to help all of us and no commerce involved.   In a few years I do plan to retire from my current employer and dedicate a lot more time to    I happened to see a critique of the site which said not sure who is the publisher but must be a hobby or something.  They were right except I've had a lot of nice comments that the site has been helpful.  So thanks everyone for visiting and maybe someday this will expand into something really big.  Who knows.  Thanks.

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