Transactional HR or Strategical HR Folks
            Will You Survive?
Once upon a time, an HR person dealt with employment orientations, transfers, exit interviews, special studies, and of course, being a people person.  HR people always were people persons.  Then something started to change.  Management wanted more from HR.  The typical functions that HR did over the years somehow got classified as transactional type functions, like the employment, processing merit increases and that other fun type routine stuff.  So, outside companies saw a great chance to provide better services, leverage larger numbers and maybe, just maybe, cut costs.   We call these people, the outsourcers.
Now, so what happened to the traditional HR folks.  Well, quite a few just plainly lost their jobs.  The ones that were left had to go after something different to survive.  They wanted to really be thought of as part of the management team, helping them achieve their goals and aspirations.  They wanted to be there to give advice and be asked their opinion.   In other words, they wanted to be a strategic resource.  However, some companies and HR folks are still back in the 80's doing the same old routine work they always did, but look out ahead.  e-hr will affect everyone at some point.  One of the biggest impacts will be manager self service, and yes, it's coming.

Here's your chance to learn from others about what really is strategic HR.  To become a part of this great learning, leave a message with your thoughts or simply ask a question.  Thanks,

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