Employee Stock Options
It seems like you hear more and more about companies granting stock options to their employees.  Some are limited to top management, while others are granting broad based to all of their employeees.  Since this is becoming a greater part of overall compensation we have developed this site to help you understand employee stock options, the regulations, issues surrounding options, taxation and other related information.  Also, we will provide links related to employee stock options.   Again, we are not recommending any service or company, but simply trying to help you find out as much as you can using the e-hr best source, the internet.  HRWisdom.com
A Place to Learn about Employee Stock Options
Employee Stock Options Sites - More to come later
My internet Options
E-Trade  Employee Stock Option Service
Smart Money Article on taxation on employee stock options
This site is under construction.  If you have other links that would be helpful, please let us know.  Thanks HRWisdom.com
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This is a gem for research. Can view a company's proxy "def-10K" and other filings.
This is another good website for general research on companies.  It is helpful to use this site to get a company's true registered name because that is the name you ned to look for in the EDGAR database.  Good example: you won't find duPont in EDGAR, you have to know that it is "E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company" before you will find any filings.  Hoovers can help with that.
1. Type of Employee Stock Options
2. 10 Reasons for and against Employee Stock Options
3. Stock Options administration
4. Other information

Click below for a non-profit organization that provides information on stock options and information on books you can order to learn even more.
NCEO Library

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