Human Resources Information Technology
Human Resources Information Systems
Let's Define what we mean by HRIT/HRIS and our objectives for this section of

The area of HRIT/HRIS is certainly one of the biggest challenges today in the HR world. There are a lot of questions about what systems should we use?  How much will it cost?  Which is the best for our company?  What's the difference between SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Cyborg, Lawson, etc. etc..  Gee, we heard that such and such a company just put in a global Peoplesoft system, while someone else is using SAP.  We'll try to provide you some help.

First of all we'll define HRIT/HRIS as all the systems that support your employee data bases, payroll, training, environmental records, benefit records, and other HR type systems. 

This is probably one of the biggest challenges today because the HRIT used at a company can drive so many other systems and your overall HR strategy.  Also, for a lot of reasons, the decision on which system to use tends to get very political in some companies because of vendor relationships, or preferences of the senior management, etc..

What we'll try to do at is to present as much knowledge as possible about HRIT or HRIS, whatever you want to call it.  We don't plan to recommend one system over the other, but see what we can learn from visitors to these pages, the internet and contacts with other companies.  Any information about particular companies will not be disclosed by, but rather
insight into the systems.   Wouldn't it be great to come to a website and get honest to goodness data without being sold a system.  Well, that's our intent.

More to come later.   If this is of interest to you, please let me know by signing the guest book.   It will make a difference in the effort I take to update these pages.    Thanks,
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